Studio Attendance Rules


1.1 LOFT sports and dance studio is open:  Monday-Friday 9 a.m. –  9 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., Sunday – 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

1.2 The studio administration has the right to change open hours. The clients shall be informed via information board at the studio, on studio website as well as pages in social medias.  Please check the news and updates.

1.3 A class shall take place upon registration for it of 3 people and more. If there is 1 or 2 people registered for the class, it will be canceled and clients will be proposed to register for another time/day.


2.1 Membership card (plastic client card) is a document giving the right to visit a particular number of classes in accordance with applicable terms, prices and schedule of the studio within a set time period.

2.2 Membership card is personal card and can’t be handed over to third parties.

2.3 Membership card is your pass for classes. Membership cards shall be registered before a class begins.

2.4 Upon purchase of membership, you obtain the right to visit particular classes by previous appointment OBLIGATORY at any time according to the schedule if there are free places in a group.

2.5 If you are registered for a class but you can’t come due to some reasons, you have to inform the studio administrator not later than 8 hours before the class. If you were registered for a class but never came and didn’t inform the studio administrator not later than 8 hours before the class, the class can’t be moved to some other day and shall be considered visited.

2.6 The Studio administrator shall familiarize you with these studio attendance rules before you buy a membership card. If you paid for a single class or bought membership, it shall be considered that you are familiarized and agree with the studio attendance rules herein. NO CLAIMS and Complaints regarding the rules shall be ACCEPTED upon purchase of membership!

2.7 In case of a membership (plastic) card loss, its renewal shall cost: UAH 30 for a kids card, UAH 50 for an adult card.


3.1 LOFT Studio is not a medical institution and does not provide medical services.

3.2 As the Studio client you bear personal responsibility for your health. In order to avoid uncontrolled trauma and harm during a class, you must strictly follow instructions of a trainer. Warm-up before a class is a MUST!  If you are late for a class, you have to do warm-up on your own.

3.3 The Studio shall not be responsible for loss or damage of your possessions by third parties in the territory of the Studio.

3.4 As the Studio client you shall bear financial responsibility for damage of the Studio property and shall compensate for the full value of such property if damaged. If the Studio property is damaged by kids, their parents shall be responsible for such damage.


4.1 To come up for a class under influence of alcohol or drugs as well as to smoke at the Studio. Failing to observe this demand, a trainer shall have the right to disallow you to visit the class.

4.2 To use musical or other equipment of the Studio on your own.

4.3 To leave kids unsupervised at the Studio. Should you come with kids, you can use a babysitter service upon prior request.

4.4 To do advertising, promotion or sale in the territory of the Studio without prior approval by the Studio administration.


In case you break these rules, the Studio administration shall have the right to cancel your membership with no money return.