Stretching en


STRETCHING is a kind of aerobics that includes a set of stretching exercises and provides the following absolute advantages: stimulation of blood and lymph circulation; unblocking muscles and nerves; anti-aging effect; maintenance of muscle elasticity. The body becomes more flexible; body posture improves. These exercises are good for everybody irrespective of age and physical fitness.
This class is aimed at developing maximum flexibility and doing ‘minus’ splits! When watching performances of leading pole-dancers, it is always stretched legs, great insteps and splits that hit the eyes, so as only this way a dance looks really professional! You may be surprised but this can be achieved at any age and with different fitness level. Where there’s a will, there is a way to work on one’s body!
HATHA YOGA – If you’ve never tried yoga before or considered it unserious or unworthy special attention, we propose you to come and try classical yoga at LOFT Sudio! You’ll make sure it’s rather hard to do and megabeneficial to health! Hatha yoga makes all physiological process in your organism balanced, joints limbered, backbone erect, blood pressure and digestion normalized, immune system and endocrine profile strong. Whereas, all these help you to:
Offset the impact of negative physical and psychological factors;
Successfully manage one’s mind and body as well as immediately and faultlessly respond to peripheral distractions;
Become assertive;
be in tune with one self and the whole world.

FLY-YOGA – No matter what you are – an IT-specialist, young mother or anybody else – your life is surely full of moral and physical stress. Fly-yoga or antigravity yoga is a modern fitness training in hammocks that will help you relax and have some rest: a bit of stretching, a bit of exploring yourself – and you are a brand new person, bright-eyed and bushy tailed! We prepared for you branded stretch hammocks you could find nowhere else in Lviv. This class is good both for men and women. Age and weight do not matter.

BUFF (IRON) YOGA workout will make you flexible and sculpted. It’s a combo of yoga and weight training, and it can completely transform your body. Here’s how it works: While you’re lunging or balancing in a yoga pose, your legs and torso muscles are working hard to keep you upright. Pick up a pair of dumbbells (2 to 5 pounds) and suddenly your upper-body muscles are in on the act. The result: The yoga yields a stronger lower body, greater flexibility, straighter posture, and reduced stress. And the dumbbells add knockout arms, shoulders, and back; increased upper-body strength; and stronger bones. Do Iron Yoga two or three times a week, and you’ll start to feel stronger and look firmer within 4 weeks.

“YOUR HEALTH” PROGRAM – A healthy person is a happy person! This is out of question! But health is based on the state of one’s backbone! Unfortunately, every second person currently suffers from issues caused by backbone illnesses, which typically mean pain not allowing to live life to its full. Maybe you have a baby and carry it in your arms all the time? Or you work on the computer and stay long time in one position? Or, maybe, you are a sportsperson having fresh or old traumas? We’ll help you get rid of pain and breath freely! LOFT Studio introduces a health-improving program which includes input diagnostics of one’s joints, muscles and backbone, problem identification and regular control over training progress; it also involves treatment and preventive exercises combined with elements of Yumeiho therapy. Training is given by a physician, expert in rehabilitology and remedial gymnastics. Spare time for yourself and your back will thank you!