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Pole kids

POLE KIDS – Today, pole dance is rapidly developing worldwide as a progressive trend of kid fitness. Pole acrobatics with elements of choreography help strengthen all muscle groups of a child, teach him or her regular sport habits and develop self-confidence!

  • Group 1 (3-5 years old) – The training program for this age category provides for doing exercises while playing. Kids not just repeat exercises after the trainer, but transform into the batman, the superman, a frog or a monkey. They play, have fun, meanwhile becoming stronger and more flexible that will allow to become a real acrobat in future!
  • Group 2 (6+) – Here we deal with almost “adult” kids. They know what they want and like. Kids of 6 years and older do adult tricks, learn to work hard on their body and master their skills.
  • Flexy class – This class is a must for children, because, firstly, stretching is good for health, secondly, a great performance of a dancer or acrobat provides for stretched well-trained body. Splits, crabs and other elements are never trouble for kids, but look impressive. Besides, stretched body is good not only for pole-dance but for any sport a kid would do in future.