Pole dance en

Pole dance

POLE DANCE is a combination of dance and sport, choreography and acrobatics. This is fitness of new format for modern and stylish people who feel bored in a traditional gym, for those who love dancing and jolly company!

  • Pole sport is a “strength” class with elements of choreography aimed at formation of beautiful body and strengthening of muscles. This class is good for all, especially for those who want to improve their shapes and lose weight!
  • Pole art is a dance class with pole acrobatic elements. Here one can relax, experience their body, develop femininity and plastic. Utterlygoodforthosewholovedancing.
  • Pole men is a pole acrobatic class as an alternative effective fitness for men. If you like training on horizontal bars or crossbeams, but are looking for new sport emotions, come and switch the angle to vertical one! That’shard, joyful and very beautiful!
  • Personal training – You got used to individual approach or just want all the trainer’s attention to master anything or even make your own dancing performance? So, personal training is the option you are looking for!