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pole dance львів
  • Trainer in: Pole Sport, Pole Art, Fly-yoga, Fly-yoga Kids, Pole Kids, Stretching, Buff-yoga, Personal Trainer;
  • General physician;
  • Diplomate in rehabilitation and post-traumatic recovery (Fitness Academy, Kyiv);
  • Accredited trainer in anti-gravity yoga and stretching;
  • Fitness trainer, pole dancer with long years of experience;
  • Frequent prizer of pole dance championships;
  • Candidate master in competitive ballroom dancing.



  • Trainer in: Fly-yoga, Fly-yoga Kids, Pole Kids, TRX;
  • Certified instructor in TRX functional training;
  • Educated choreographer;
  • Over 5-years dancing in the best Ukrainian show-ballets supporting prominent Ukrainian pop-stars.




  • Trainer in: Pole Dance, Pole Kids
  • Certified Instructor in Pole Dance for Adults & Kids;
  • Fitness Instructor;
  • Enthusiastic and always ready to work you out 🙂


  • Trainer in: Hatha-yoga, Personal trainer;
  • Certified instructor in yoga (Ishvara-yoga);
  • First split did at 39 y.o.;
  • Likes golf and travelling by bicycle;
  • Charismatic and sincere, Kira will simply teach you yoga and how to practice it in everyday life!


Kira Moore