New fitness class!

What is SlimFit?
This class is aimed at “squeezing” maximum calories out of you and quickly bringing you into shape, loosing some “extra” kg and getting stronger!
SlimFit is an intensive aerobic class for all muscle groups similar to highly popular in the USA crossfit!
Who is it for?
For those who think yoga and stretching are too slowly, and pole-dance is not “their” class.
Why do I need it?
If you want to  loose weight, are fond of active sports or just like to feel fit!
What’s the point?
Besides SlimFit is very powerful and variant class, the point is to train in a group. This makes you to do exercises more and better than the rest. And that’s where the best incentive is!
Mon, Wed, Fr. at 17-00, Sun at 12-00!
Call now! 096 60 60 600